System 3 Wheels

You need beadlock strength? We have it. You need simulated beadlock style? Got it. And it's all designed to improve your ride and traction and off-road performance. 


Will They Fit? Check The Chart!

If you want to know which System 3 Off-Road wheels fit your UTV, just check out complete Application Chart. It gives all the details on size, bolt patterns, finish options, vehicle fitment, and more.

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SB-3 Beadlock wheels

The SB-3 Beadlock wheels by System 3 Off-road are engineered for aggressive riding and punishing terrain. These beadlock wheels feature classic Baja styling and rugged modern construction. With a 10mm billet ring, 5/16-inch Grade 8 bolts, and a 1500-pound load rating, the SB-3 is the strongest cast UTV wheel on the market. The wheel's stainless steel lug inserts are an industry first for a UTV wheel; these inserts ensure a tight fit that won't go oval-shaped with use. 

  • 10mm billet ring and 5/16-inch Grade 8 hardware.

  • Stainless-steel lug inserts - an industry first.

  • 1500-pound load rating.

  • Bolt-in center cap.

MATTE BLACK or MACHINED: 14x7  +  14x10  +  15x7


ST-3 Non-Beadlock Wheels

The ST-3 wheels by System 3 Off-road feature beadlock style in an edgy design with 8 split spokes. A heavy-duty inner and outer wheel lip and outer cadmium-plated bolts show the wheel is built tough. 

  • Large lug holes accommodate most hex head lug nuts.

  • 1000-pound load rating.

  • Bolt-in center cap.

BRONZE or MATTE BLACK or MACHINED: 14x7  +  18x7