RT320 in 35" and 33" for 15" Wheels

One of the most versatile tires on the market, the System 3 RT320 Race & Trail tires are now available in 35-inch and 33-inch sizes for 15-inch wheels, with a new 9.5-inch wide profile that delivers amazing benefits. With a revised tread pattern and narrower profile, the new RT320s are lightweight and provide improved handling, traction and overall agility.

The 8-ply rate radial RT320s are durable trail-tackling tires. The revised tread pattern is a more open style with the same multi-angled edges for powerful traction through corners, on hills, and in a straight line. The rubber compound is chosen for its high-mileage durability. All RT320 tires are DOT marked. Along with the new sizes, the RT320 is available in a 32/15 size, plus 28- and 30-inch for 14-inch wheels.

Glenn Hansen