System 3 Off-Road Grabs Moab!

System 3 Off-Road had a great showing at the 2019 Rally on the Rocks. With attendance growing every year, the 2019 event was the biggest ROTR to date. With the Rally's influx of UTV enthusiasts, System 3 Off-Road tires and wheels created a large buzz.

The System 3 Off-Road XCR350 tire was at the forefront of almost every conversation out on the trails or inside the expo pavilion. Many seasoned guides of Rally on the Rocks purchased their own sets of System XCR350 tires to test on the trails and were ecstatic about the traction and comfort they provided. One enthused guide said this:

"When crawling up Hell's Gate in my RZR Turbo XP4 there is one section that without proper side tread, you'll slide down in a hole. The XCR350 had so much traction that not only did I not slide down in this particular hole, I stayed on top and it was the easiest ascent up Hell's Gate I've experienced. Thank you for making such a great tire!"

Glenn Hansen